How can energy be owned, managed, and produced in a way that is just, clean and affordable? Principles to root ourselves in and pioneering examples from around the world pave the way towards a Future Beyond Shell and the injustice it represents.

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Why Shell must fall

➔ What is Shell?
➔ Why do we need a future beyond Shell?
➔ Why Now?

A Future Beyond Shell

➔ A future rooted in justice: 6 Principles of Just Transition
➔ History of Just Transition

Just Transition Depends on Context

➔ From Headquarters in the Hague to Gas Extraction in Groningen
➔ Energy Poverty

Just transition is an anti-racist framework
Just transition is a class issue

➔ Trade Unions for Energy Democracy

Just transition is a gender justice issue: the future is feminist
Just Transition is about more than just the climate

➔ Sacrifice Zones

Just Transition is about Democracy

➔ From protecting investment to protecting resistance

Energy Democracy

➔ Undemocratic Renewables

Universal access and social justice
Renewable, sustainable and local energy
Public and social ownership

➔ Solutions at the scale of the problem

Fair pay and creation of green jobs
Democratic control and participation

The Inspiring Present

➔ Production
➔ Distribution
➔ Integrated companies